Friday, February 12, 2010

Can Anyone Compete Against Facebook?

Facebook left My Space gasping on the ground and Bebo and Friendster in the dust. Now Google is announcing their plans to compete with the social space giant. It is called Buzz and will attempt to integrate with Gmail. "Facebook is a household name, and it takes a lot for a tech brand to reach that point. Google did it with search and iTunes has done it with music sales--which is why it takes massive companies like Microsoft and Amazon, respectively, to make a dent in that market share, and they've still had an uphill battle (to say the least)."

I am not a fan of Gmail although I continue to prefer Google for search. As a Facebook user, I have found it more valuable than even Twitter. Still, nothing lasts forever and Facebook will face more and perhaps better competition in the future. I believe Facebook considers this and thus continues to tweak its website to improve its social connections. And it has yet to falter. "Facebook has surpassed 400 million active members around the world, and additionally announced Wednesday that it has 100 million of those members using its mobile Web site." Pretty impressive numbers.

And unlike Twitter, it seems to do a better job of driving campaigns. Have you signed up yet to get Betty White on SNL. Over 200,000 people have so far! So good luck Google Buzz, you have a long road to go to beat the leader. And others before it itching for a share as well.

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