Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Using Xbox As IPTV Set-Top

Tired of your setbox that controls your cabl TV. Wish it were more responsive and easier to navigate. Like how your gaming devices work. Why not use your gaming device to watch TV.

Microsoft's XBOX and AT&T's U-Verse are working together to make that a reality. No set top box, just the X box and access to all linear and interactive applications on cable. "With the feature, customers 'will be able to watch U-verse TV programming, including live, on-demand, HD and total-home DVR content, on their Xbox receiver,' AT&T spokeswoman Jenny Bridges said. 'The Xbox will enable the same viewing experience and same features that customers get today with a U-verse receiver.'"

For the younger demo comfortable with the XBox controller, it is much easier to use than the remote. In fact it allows easier movement across the entire screen unlike the remote's toggle like capabilities. In fact, the controller is a better device for the TV set. If I were on U-Verse, I would absolutely switch out my set top.

Cable companies, are you paying any attention to this or are you stuck in the 90's.

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