Friday, January 15, 2010

Jay In, Conan Out; NBC Going In Wrong Direction

Talk about not getting a fair chance. Jay had terrific programming in the 10pm hour to help push the Tonight Show. Conan had The Jay Leno Show. Why should audiences turn the channel back to NBC after being forced to turn it off at 10PM. So Conan ratings suffered.

But NBC believes that bring Jay back to 11:30 will also return it to its former ratings glory. "The Washington Post reported yesterday that barring a last-minute change of heart by O'Brien, Leno would return to his old job." Wrong. You can't have a do-over. Returning Jay to the Tonight Show is not the solution. So then what. You have lost Conan and you have lost the Tonight Show.

Rather, NBC should say goodbye to Jay like they planned to do 5 years ago. Put better programming at 10PM and let Conan and his Tonight Show grow back its ratings. The future is Conan, the past is Jay. It's obvious which way NBC should go, but as they continue to make mistakes, it is only natural to see them pick the wrong choice, AGAIN. NBC screwed with "Must See Thursdays", they screwed up with 10 PM, and they screwed up with the Tonight Show. Not a winning record.

So goodbye Conan. Perhaps once NBC gets a new owner, it can finally return to its former glory.

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