Monday, January 25, 2010

Apple and Verizon Wireless To Work Together?

While it has been no secret that Apple is preparing to present its version of a tablet, it has been speculated whether it would run across the AT&T platform or through Verizon Wireless. Clearly, AT&T has been a problem for Apple, especially when it comes to phone calls. And now Apple may finally end that exclusive relationship and add Verizon to the mix.

"Apple is expected to name Verizon Wireless as one of its carriers with its anticipated unveiling of a new tablet device on Wednesday, sources told The Post. That means Apple head Steve Jobs will probably introduce a Verizon iPhone, ending AT&T's exclusive hold on the hot smartphone."

As a Verizon Wireless customer, that is why I have resisted switching providers to buy an iPhone. I was one of the first to switch to Verizon when number portability began. I was fed up with spotty signals, dropped calls, and couldn't wait to switch. Even an Apple iPhone couldn't seduce me to switch back. If it proves true, I might just have to pick an iPhone up.

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