Friday, December 4, 2009

Can Sony Bounce Back?

Can Sony become the innovative leader again. Consumers once turned to Sony for its Walkman, Handycam, and other products and the Sony brand was synonymous with technological superiority and top of the line product. Sony indeed produces a very expensive HD TV set, but it is losing share quickly to other rivals that are bringing lower price and innovation into the home. So what is Sony to do?

"Sony’s chief executive, Howard Stringer, has a grand idea: an all-in-one online network that pipes Sony’s films, music, games and other content to its TVs, Walkmans and PlayStation game machines." But isn't Apple already doing this? What's so great and different about this. Stringer has been there for a while but each of its product line is losing quickly to others. Playstation to Wii and X Box, Walkman have already lost the battle to ipods, and LCD TV to Vizio and LG, and Handycam to Cisco's acquisition of the flip.

Sony has much more to worry about! Connectivity is great, but consumers are not using Sony products. It's time for some innovation and state of the art products to regain market share.

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