Monday, November 30, 2009

DVR turning Leno slot into a black hole

Headline in this morning's NY Post. But not a surprise; in fact the very reason NBC stated for turning 10pm over to Leno. DVR use is rising at 10 pm and Leno may be the cause. "DVR usage, which like live programming is measured by Nielsen Co., is up by 1.4 household ratings points in the 10 p.m. slot, while NBC has lost an average of 1.8 points compared to fall 2008." Consumers are turning regularly to their DVR and NBC saw Leno as a way to put a Live-like experience on in the spot to divert DVR activity and reach the live viewer. NBC says they expected lower ratings but felt that the lower revenue potential was offset by a much lower cost of production. While no one has seen their books on Leno, it clearly has backlashed on shows before it as well as the news and late night programming after it. And viewers are using their DVR more to watch Law and Order at 10p, by recording it at 9 pm.

Ratings for Leno slide and NBC is consistently in fourth place, except when they present Sunday Night Football. One more month and they lose that night, too. Perhaps that is the indication when Leno will end. Should we count January as the countdown to Jay Leno being axed. Just watch how reruns do better against Leno in December and that may further indicate that its demise is near.

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