Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Google Android Versus Apple iPhone

Will the iPhone ever be offered on the Verizon Wireless network? Certainly a partnership with Google seems to indicate that Apple won't join Verizon any time soon. "Verizon Wireless and Google said Tuesday that they will partner to co-develop a bevy of Android-based devices. Verizon Wireless also said that it will tightly integrate its network with Google apps—including Google Voice." Sounds like a direct frontal assault to the Apple App store to me. It certainly is directly aimed at Apple and iPhone. Given the headstart that Apple has, it may not be such a fair fight. It may depend on how open the device is and how many third party developers come on board to help load it with interesting and useful application.

Will it preclude a future deal with Apple for Verizon. Let's just say, I believe a Line has been drawn in the sand. It may depend who blinks first. And this staring contest could go on for a while.

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