Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can Twitter Generate Revenue?

If Twitter can find a business model, it may be due to the good fortunes and marketing savvy of Microsoft and Google. Both may be willing to pay Twitter to organize a search engine around its tweets. "The deals represent the latest evidence of the intense interest in what is known as the real-time Web — the constant stream of posts and updates on Twitter, Facebook and similar services. Unlike traditional Web pages and blogs, that real-time information has not been easily integrated by search engines."

As 99% of posts seem inane to me, what is there really to search for. Isn't the real news, already searched on web sites, simply linked to Twitter to spread the news. Is there anything fresh and unique only on Twitter that needs to be searched. I doubt it. It seems to me to be at first glance to be deals only in the best interest of Twitter and not of real long term value. We will have to wait and see to prove out my prediction.

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  1. Andy: Found you blog. It's very well done. Congratulations. Informative. well written. Non promotional. Love it.

    Greg Matusky
    Gregory FCA