Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bloomberg Wins Business Week

Mike Bloomberg has done extremely well in his career. Building a business, running a major metropolitan city, noticing opportunities and making a mark in the world. His latest, the purchase of Business Week Magazine. "With the move, Bloomberg takes on BusinessWeek’s faltering financial situation, plummeting ad sales and all—and gains its resources, products, standing and valuable brand. Bloomberg’s execs expect to strengthen Bloomberg Television, using that brand and the magazine’s “world-class” journalists, and the company’s web presence." It is a shot in the arm for magazine publishing.

What it says to me is that there is a profitable business opportunity to be exploited. Bloomberg's multimedia approach recognizes that content can live and breathe in multiple forms. His financial backing demonstrates that with better management, a keener approach to using its content and credibility across platforms, and vision of what may be possible with the web and e-books, Business Week can live on quite well. I'm excited for what Bloomberg can accomplish with this well regarded magazine.

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