Monday, September 7, 2009

My Kindle Has Been Stolen; So What!

When you get robbed, you go to the police and report your less. And sometimes your items get recovered and sometimes they don't. In the digital age, every item has a unique identification and since it tends to communicate with a central system, it can be followed. Yet Amazon seems reluctant to want to help the original owner of a Kindle get their stolen device back, or at least assure that it can't be used illegally by another. It seems they won't! Ironic, since they are ok peaking into your device and taking away content that the owner possesses. How cruel!

"Amazon’s policy is that it will help locate a missing Kindle only if the company is contacted by a police officer bearing a subpoena. Mr. Borgese, who lives in Manhattan, questions whether hunting down a $300 e-book reader would rank as a priority for the New York Police Department. He began to see ulterior motives when he twice sent e-mail messages to Amazon seeking an address to send a police report and got no reply. 'I finally concluded,' Mr. Borgese said, 'that Amazon knew the device was being used and preferred to sell content to anyone who possessed the device, rather than assist in returning it to its rightful owner.' Drew Herdener, an Amazon spokesman, said only that the company acted in accordance with the law and cooperated with law enforcement officials." Typical bureaucratic comment, lacking any sense of caring about their customers' needs. And this merely confirms that Amazon doesn't get it and will ultimately lose its customer base.

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