Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Competition for Kindle

Add another entrant into what is getting to be a more crowded space, the electronic book. Working with the Barnes and Noble e-site, Irex Technologies will be releasing its version of an e-book reader later this year. Unlike the Kindle, Irex's product "will sport an 8.1-inch touch screen and 3G wireless connectivity. The device's touch screen will be controlled with a stylus instead of a user's fingers." So now you have Irex, Kindle, Sony, and Plastic Logic, not to mention the iPhone. Will Apple come up with another product for this space too? It spells better news for Barnes and Noble who is making their store user-friendly for multiple readers and accessible to a large library of content. The real fight may not be in the reader but between Barnes and Noble and Amazon at the e-store itself.

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