Friday, July 17, 2009

Widgets And Web Video Added To Verizon’s FiOS TV

I am not a FIOS customer, but I do get the appeal of connecting the web to the TV. In my search for a big screen HDTV, one option that intrigues me is internet access. Some sets offer similar connectivity, others do not. And as a feature on a TV set, I wonder if I don't, will my HDTV purchase be outdated the moment I bring it home. As a cable customer, I have yet to hear what they are planning to do to improve the set top box and the user experience. Verizon/FIOS may have figured it out quicker. "Verizon’s FiOS TV is about to start overflowing with widgets. According to a recent press release, the company will be launching their Widget Bazaar later this month with a few free applications including Facebook, Twitter, and ESPN’s Fantasy Football widget." While they do not yet talk about downloading and viewing web video on the TV, it seems like a natural next step. Do consumers want to converge the web/TV experience or will it inevitable stay two screen but with interactivity associated with each device to the other. or a combination of both. That is certainly the direction it is taking.

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