Thursday, July 2, 2009

TiVo 'Confident' Patent Victory Over Dish Will Be Upheld

When is a victory not a victory; it seems when it involves the Tivo - Dish feud. Each time a court finds in favor of Tivo that Dish illegally used its patented technology, another court overturns on appeal, and forces another round in our judicial system. And who is getting rich in this drama, mainly the lawyers. Until the "final" ruling, Tivo will have to wait for its payout. Yes, I believe that Tivo is on the right side of this argument. And Tivo is confident that it will continue to come out on top.

"'We are confident that the District Court judge's thorough and well-reasoned decision finding EchoStar in contempt of court for violating the injunction and awarding further damages will be upheld once the Federal Circuit has the opportunity to review the merits of the case,' TiVo said in a statement released Thursday. 'The Court of Appeals stayed the District Court's order the previous time this case was heard on appeal and ultimately affirmed the judgment against EchoStar.'" Until then, Dish will still be able to use their DVRs. I say to Dish, pay Tivo and agree to a formal relationship. At the end, your customers will get a better DVR experience!

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