Monday, June 29, 2009

US TV prepares for $2bn ad shortfall

How bad will the economy be to TV ad revenue, both broadcast and cable, over the next few years; how about 2 billion dollars in the red. "The Global Media Intelligence report by Screen Digest, the media research firm, says some of the decline will be clawed back by US TV networks by online video advertising, which it expects to triple during the next four years...Screen Digest forecasts US broadcast and cable advertising revenues will fall from $69bn in 2008 to $67bn by 2013." That seems like an awfully big number to absorb. And its affect will certainly continue to hurt the job market and the economy at large over this time period. Online video advertising growth may offset this figure, but it is hard to expect it to have a substantial impact. Some may argue otherwise, but until advertisers feel comfortable with the research and measurable results, that growth may remain stalled.

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