Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is Twitter Just A Fad?

If the research is true and not an anomaly, Twitter's growth is over. Usage remains strong, but previous research has shown that 90% or so of these messages come from only 10% of users. In fact Twitter's uasage rate is half of what Facebook is and Facebook has been around longer. This "May definitely brought some surprising results. While YouTube (YouTube reviews) is attracting an ever increasing audience, and Facebook (Facebook reviews) is still growing fast, Twitter’s growth has suddenly stopped, at least according to the numbers from Compete." And while most people don't actually unsubscribe, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that most users have been inactive for more than a month.

I feel so much overlap from what Twitter does and what I get from my other social networking sites. In fact, some people have utilized programs to update all there social networks simultaneously. Thus I get to read the same drivel too many times. Is May's numbers an exception or will the trend show that growth is over? For me, I think I can do without Twitter.

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