Monday, June 15, 2009

Hard Liquor On Broadcast

The car and financial services industries are hurting and the broadcast ad dollar is declining so where to go to find new sources of revenue. Where hard liquor was once a no no on broadcast, now its ad budget is as green as anyone elses. "This year, with network advertising revenue off about $250 million, or 4.2 percent, in the first quarter compared to last year, local affiliates are not only accepting hard liquor ads -- they are actively courting the $451 million distilled-spirits advertising business." Watch Simpsons and drink Chivas!

So what's next. Will we once again allow cigarette ads to appear on TV. Perhaps its time for a Lucky Strike! Cause when it comes to greed, anything goes. What happened to the ethical issues that banned hard spirits the first time. Some might argue that the ban was a voluntary one and that cable nets have been advertising hard liquor for a while. Still allowing spirits to advertise on TV simply brings us further down that slippery slope. Perhaps the ad guidelines for TV networks should be ... ANYTHING GOES!

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