Thursday, June 25, 2009

For Comcast, FIOS Represents Just Another Market

Even though Comcast and FIOS compete, it shouldn't stop a partnership! In an unusual move, Comcast will sell advertising spots in FIOS markets that overlap its own markets. "Comcast Spotlight, the cable company's ad-sales arm, announced a deal Wednesday with Verizon Communications, under which it will sell local advertising on FiOS TV in at least 10 markets, where both Comcast and Verizon currently provide television service." For advertisers, it certainly assures that their message is seen on cable, regardless of who the service provider may be. Potentially profitable for both companies.

What would really be ironic is if this deal would finally allow FIOS to advertise its services on Comcast and Comcast do the same on FIOS. That would certainly be detente!

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