Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dish Still Trying to Work Around Tivo

Dish owes money to Tivo for using its technology on Dish DVR devices, Court appeals have delayed that payment and allowed Dish to continue to use this technology, and Tivo continues to not get paid. And so Dish is back in court to find another way around this patent infringement in order to continue to allow its DVRs to continue to be used by their customers. Otherwise, Dish has one of two options: 1. Turn off their DVRs and upset their customers until new technology can be deployed, or 2) Pay Tivo for its technology, embrace its patent, and let your customers continue to derive pleasure from their DVRs.

It seems the old adage, "I'd rather fight, than switch" is in play here. For some reason, Dish has a basic issue with Tivo preventing it from coming together to reach a common ground. Some times children simply can't learn to play in the same sandbox and despite how much money it will cost Dish, they would rather fight. For me, I'm holding on to my Tivo stock, cause I expect another windfall.

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