Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Big Screen TVs Need to Act More Like Monitors

An interesting comment inside this article got me thinking: "Casual games offered through FiOS TV (think: chess) didn’t take off until the company added a video window to run television alongside game play." Ultimately, TVs need to look and act more like computer monitors, allowing us to resize various screens to fit on the TV simultaneously. Just imagine your 55" screen (or larger) with the flexibility to watch a movie or game and then have the picture shrunk so that it is not affected as you play a a casual game of chess with your "social network" on another portion of the screen. We multi task on our PC, why not multi task on our TV screen as well. Add a wireless keyboard or just as easily use your PC keyboard but display the output on the TV screen. It will require the cable companies and telcos to finally merge cable, broadband, and communication into one interchangeable connection. What fun. That would surely create real subscriber engagement.

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