Monday, May 18, 2009

Facebook Is The Go To Site For Everything

Social Networking has become the predominant way to communicate with our friends. We write emails through our Facebook account, share photos, exchange news items, and discuss our opinions. And as video chatting and skyping have gotten more popular, why not add it to the social networking mix. Well it seems Facebook is soon to come out with such an app. Now while I currently have Skype for the grandparents to talk to the grandkids, why not simplify it and chat inside Facebook. It would be convenient to have the option to video chat online with a "friend". And certainly, the price is right.

But maybe you don't want to chat when your on Facebook. Sometimes you want to simply be an observer, reading other people's comments but not communicate directly with them. And sometime when a chat screen appears, you don't know whether to answer or ignore it. Would that be rude. Will people start to list themselves as "invisible" so they can troll their account without anyone knowing they are online.

But be careful what you do or say in front of your videocam, the on-air light might just be on!

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