Monday, May 25, 2009

As TV Dwindles, It Still Leads

TV is not dead yet. It kinda reminds me of the Monty Python film where the townspeople are encouraged to "bring out your dead". Of course the ones they bring out aren't quite dead yet. "In fact, I'm feeling better." Yet they can't wait for the actual death, so the collectors help to facilitate it in order to expedite the process of collecting and move on. Such is the case for TV viewing.

In fact, TV is not dead but in fact still thriving. And marketers continue to use TV in their advertising budget. The rise of the web won't kill TV, as TV didn't kill radio, or DVDs kill the movie house business. "Think network television is washed up, overwhelmed by targeted and measurable ads on the Web? How is it that Apple, a tech company, and by the way, probably the most talented marketing company on the planet, is all over network television right now? And remember the movie industry is having a big year with big movies, using, yes, network television to drive people into theaters."

Should advertisers worry about DVRs and Tivo killing the ad business. No. Creative promotion, limited breaks, sponsorships, and product placement can all be used successfully to beat the fast forward button. TV is still the most watched device and advertisements can still be effective. Don't kill TV off just yet.

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