Monday, April 6, 2009

NBC Threatens Over Affiliate's Plans To Lose Leno

Legal action is being threatened by corporate parent NBC to the Boston station, WHDH, and its owner Sunbeam Television Corp. Quick and to the point, you will carry Leno at 10 pm or else. And the Boston station response is that their agreement gives them the right.

Why such a public fight; because NBC doesn't want any other of it's affiliates to get the same idea. Nip it in the butt early, publicly and privately, too. "Industry experts said NBC's swift and very public crackdown suggests the network wants to ward off any dissent that may be brewing at its other affiliates, some of which are nervous about how Leno will perform as a lead-in to their late-night newscasts." NBC has not been doing to well in the ratings lately and the local nets fear that cheap and ill conceived programming, especially in the slot right before their news, will ultimately affect local ratings too. The general perception is that most viewers are lazy and don't change the channel from their 10p show to the news. Keep them entertained and they stay for the news that follows. Disappoint and they turn the channel.

"WHDH's Ansin (Ed Ansin, owner of WHDH parent Sunbeam Television Corp.) said a local newscast will draw better ratings than Leno and that airing five nights a week in that time slot would be a financial disaster for his station. The new Leno show will compete against popular scripted shows, such as CBS's 'CSI: Miami.'" How can NBC assure Ansin and their other affiliates that Leno at 10P will perform? And how soon till another affiliate follows suit and copies WHDH? I wouldn't be surprised if every affiliate is also reviewing their legal agreements. High drama indeed...hey, this could be a TV show!

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