Wednesday, February 4, 2009

House Passes Bill Pushing DTV Transition Date To June 12

Forget February 17. It never happened. The Digital Apocalypse was averted, for now; actually, for 4 months. Congress finally agreed to extending the date and now their is time to further educate, send out more DTV coupons, answer the questions, and reduce the confusion.

"Some stations have already indicated they are sticking with the Feb. 17 date. The FCC said it had heard from 276 stations to that effect, in addition to 143 stations that had already pulled the plug, and another 60 that said they planned to do so before Feb. 17. The FCC had pointed out that some of those 276 may change their minds once the date changed."

It's kinda like the band aid analogy - should we pull it off quickly and take the pain at once, or should we pull it off slowly to minimize the hurt and reduce the pain. As the pain may have proved too much for a portion of the country, this extension should help to ease the pain.

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