Thursday, February 19, 2009

DVD sales plummet, Blu-ray unable to save the day

What does it really mean when DVD sales are falling. While prices have dropped, the unknown for me is whether the units purchased have dropped as well. I'm guessing they have too. For my family, I definitely have purchased less DVDs. When the kids were younger, many of my purchases were family-themed product, knowing that we would be watching these same films over and over again. And while movies are nice to own, I tend to first check out films on VOD. I can't think of a film that I need to own in my library. Perhaps people have gotten tired of filling up rooms with discs and might be more inclined to purchase digital copies that can be shared and moved among devices. I'd certainly rather bring a flash drive into the car for the rear DVD player than keep a dozen discs on the floor or in the door compartment.

"To be sure, Blu-ray is growing -- up 250 percent since 2007 -- but it still represents less than 3.5 percent of the overall market. Analysts now wonder whether Blu-ray will be able to pick up steam fast enough -- or if the future has already been handed over to online downloading and streaming alternatives. With companies like Netflix rushing into streaming as quickly as possible, that certainly seems like a strong possibility."

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