Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If Content Isn't King, Then Maybe Social Community Is

Terrific article in Business Week that makes a great point, that perhaps as content is no longer exclusive, where it is shared and the community it serves may matter more. Content creators no longer try to make their assets unique to a particular site; rather they seem best served when that content is featured and distributed across many sites. Building partnerships with these communities so that the content can not only be found anywhere but can also be discussed. It is no longer enough to watch or read, it is perhaps more important to interact with it and with others who also access it.

"On TV, content is king. But on the Web, community may reign supreme. Throughout television history, the way to lure most viewers was to air the best shows. It doesn't necessarily work that way on the Web, where many shows can seen on multiple sites." Most video is available non exclusively on multiple sites. NBC, Hulu, and You Tube may all share similar content. Facebook, My Space, and Bebo may all carry some of the same applications. What matters more is that within those sites, the communities that are created foster a bond and loyalty to that site. They become for the particular user their primary point of entry for the content they wish to consume. It's not just about the video they watch or the game they play, but how its members communicate their opinions about what they have watched or played. Perhaps in the game example, it is all about competing with your friends in the community as opposed to with strangers. And for videos, sharing your passions, laughs, and "water cooler" discussions with others you know who may also have watched.

Yes content is king, but where you watch or play and with who matters too.

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