Monday, January 12, 2009

Everything to Connect to the Web, But What About Interconnectivity?

As the Consumer Electronics Show comes to an end in 2009, all the buzz seems to be connectivity to the internet, but what about interconnectivity. Does every device need to pull from the web, or will there be networking that remains inside my home. And while it is nice to pull movies off the web to a TV set, there is some content I already own on my PC that I want to move easily as well. For music, home movies, even photos, how can I best network my home to take advantage of this content. Do I need to push all this data first out to the web before getting back to my home. Linking to the web is nice, linking to my own home network is nicer.

And what about the content being generated by my own home. How about the refrigerator pinging me that I need to change the water filter, or keeping a grocery list of items inside that are running low. How about remote connection to my HVAC system so that I can adjust temperatures if I forgot to reset my temperature gauge when away from the house; or pinging me on my cell phone if the alarm goes off. How these devices converge and interact is perhaps an even bigger win for technology in the coming years.

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