Friday, January 23, 2009

Actor's Union To Give Up Strike Vote

SAG's leadership has finally realized that they did not have the support of its members to push for a strike and have taken the threat off the table. Instead, they intend to send to their constituents the contract offer from AMPTP and allow them the chance to vote. "The declaration represents an about-face and follows months of preparations for a strike vote that would have given the guild the power to shut down production of major studio movies and prime-time TV shows. The last contract expired in June."

So there are now two possible outcomes; a vote to accept the contract would allow all unions to focus their attention on creating good content. BUT...what happens if the membership reject the contract offer. What then. New leadership for SAG. Does strike talk re-emerge. Or do they merge their union with AFTRA and follow its contract. Will it means that SAG has lost its way and should fade off into the sunset. Ahhh, a classic Hollywood ending. Still, until this next vote is taken, SAG's future is unclear. In these bad economic times, unions are losing their advantage and belt tightening is needed on both sides of the table.

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