Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stars send anti-strike letter to SAG

Finally some dissension in the ranks as some notable actors try to bring a rational voice to the discussion. Recognizing how bad the economy is, they are urging their fellow actors to call off the strike vote which is scheduled for January 2. If SAG thinks that a strike authorization vote will give them more leverage and legitimacy at the negotiation table, then they are poorly mistaken. The writers strike hurt everyone; AFTRA, the other acting union, has an agreement, as do the DGA and other unions. SAG is not about to get a better deal. And as the current economic situation is proven, it is still about pennies and not dollars. Arguing over distribution models that aren't yet proven is not seeing the forest through the trees. yes, distribution of content is changing; but, it means negotiating a shorter agreement till a winning economic model emerges. "'None of our friends in the other unions are truly happy with the deals they made in their negotiations,' the missive said. 'Three years from now all the union contracts will be up again at roughly the same time. At that point if we plan and work together with our sister unions we will have incredible leverage.'" Now that is the voice of reason.

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