Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SAG Postpones Strike Authorization Vote

It may be only a 2 week delay, but it indicates that the SAG may realize a change of strategy might be needed. "In response to a growing chorus of members who say a strike would be ill-timed given the current economic crisis, the leaders of the Screen Actors Guild have decided to postpone a planned strike-authorization vote by two weeks." What they learn over this time is unclear, but perhaps it may allow them to recognize that if a strike vote doesn't pass, their legitimacy as a union may be point into question.

As the TV union AFTRA has approved their contract, SAG may feel that their demands may be unreasonable. With many actors voicing opinions against their own union, SAG management may be using this time to assure they have the votes to succeed. If it becomes clear that they don't, I suspect, the strike vote will be further delayed or called off so as to save face. The economy is not improving, broadcast networks are creating less new content, movie audiences are declining, and acting jobs are harder to find. A SAG strike will not help them as AFTRA jobs will supplant them.

Don't be surprised to see them come to agreement with AMPTP or at least call off this vote.

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