Friday, December 5, 2008

Magazines Rethink Strategies to Deal With Economy

Magazines should not be the only type of content companies to rethink their strategies. This same retrenchment will affect all media outlets: newspapers, radio, TV, film, etc. "A perfect storm of sectoral pressures (rising paper and printing costs, plateauing circulation across most titles) and the broader economy’s woes have swallowed profits and revenues..." This statement is relevant to every outlet that relies on either subscription or advertising or both. But it is not just today's economy that is to blame, changing technologies and environmental issues add to these economic woes.

There is good news. We are consumers on content. There is an infinite appetite to consume and a need to be entertained, interested, informed, and educated. We may change our consuming habits but those companies that read the trends will adapt to reach these new behaviors. It may be timing and a little bit of luck, combined with good strategic thinking and tactical solutions.

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