Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's Time For An Apple Tablet: Where's My iPod Touch HD?

Everyone has an idea for Apple. But with no major announcements scheduled for Macworld next month, and Steve Jobs not planning to give the opening remarks, it is unlikely to expect big news. Still, this writer, like me, has hopes for Apple; especially if it is a small device that works with the iTunes and iPhone platform, and is capable of accessing the web and downloading content. I'm ready for an eReader device from Apple, but this article wants a device to do it all - "Listening to music, watching videos, surfing the Web, reading e-books and Instapaper articles, playing games, writing blog posts, etc. " I don't need the first two on his list, but the others suit me just fine. Make it about the size of a book, thinner and lighter, and price it competitively, and I am first in line. "Apple's multi-touch, lightweight edition of OS X, iTunes sync, and App Store are exclusive. And they're exactly how to make a tablet computer work. So when can we buy ours?" Where do I stand?

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