Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Watching TV and Surfing the Web At The Same Time

Did they really underestimate peoples' abilities to multitask? How tough is it to surf the web and watch TV? In our own youth, we listened to radio or watched TV and did our homework at the same time. Could it be that different. The answer is no. But it took a Nielsen study for others to intuitively figure it out.

"The findings, part of a new study released by the ratings measurement company, revealed that broadcasters worried about losing viewers to the Internet may not have to fret after all - and explains a paradox between rising TV viewership and the growing popularity of new media....Overall, Internet usage has grown by about 9 percent compared to last year, the survey found, but TV viewing still dwarfs Internet usage. On average, people spend about 127 hours watching TV each month and 26 hours online."

It is not a zero sum game and internet surfing is not meant to replace TV viewing. And sometimes we even put down our mouses to enjoy the sit back experience of TV exclusively.

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