Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TiVo Dials Up Mobile DVR Site - Real Convergence

Finally, some real useful convergence. And no I am not talking about seeing the phone number of the call coming to my telephone appear on my television screen. I am talking about something better. Connecting two useful devices together in a meaningful way. For us Tivo fans, sometimes we forget to record a show. Recently a friend of mine was rushing home last Saturday because he had forgot to tape his U of M college football game. But now, even if we are forgetful, we don't have to worry. One call from our cell phone to our Tivo quickly will set a recording. "The new mobile site, at, lets subscribers with broadband-connected Series2 or Series3 TiVos schedule recordings, while it’s also available to anyone to browse and search television shows." No rushing home required. If networks want to put a stop to DVRs, the answer is simple - put every show on VOD. Until technology can insert into the DVR, there is more control with the VOD; content owners should be expanding its titles and gaining better control over the experience with its viewers.

And how does Tivo take this convergence to the next level. Simple, make it two-way. Like a slingbox, enable shows I've recorded on my Tivo to be viewed on my cell phone. Now my friend can watch his Michigan football game through his Tivo to his phone. Again, no rushing home.

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