Friday, November 21, 2008

Senate Passes Analog Extension Bill

Last month I said that the transition date would be a mess and as most people wait till the last minute to act, an added month would be needed. Well the Senate has heard the chatter. "The Senate on Thursday passed a bill that would keep some analog TV stations on the air for 30 days beyond Feb. 17, 2009 in order to provide public safety announcements and information about the digital TV transition." I believe that they will actually need more than a month. Consumers do not understand what is going on with TV signals. When they finally turn on their TV and see static is when they will finally have to act. "'While there are claims that hundreds of millions of private sector dollars have been spent making Americans aware of the DTV transition, it seems that most Americans have no idea what it really is even if they have heard of it,' the lawmaker said." And while some have heard the message, fewer have comprehended how it will affect them. Extending the deadline is a necessary first step.

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