Thursday, November 20, 2008

PC Magazine Drops Print, Goes All Digital

For PC Magazine, print is dead. Will it drive other magazines and newspapers to follow, only time will tell. For a magazine devoted to computers, it makes perfect sense to drop its print format in favor of digital. It will be interesting to note how this change will affect the content and subscription. "For readers that prefer the traditional magazine feel, a digital version of PCMag will be made available to them. " Perhaps the time is right to make it especially for the Kindle and Sony Reader. This digital version should be different from its free web content. A digital subscription may be the answer.

I find it fascinating to see that the Wall Street Journal continues to make it work with both a print and digital subscription to its content. For some, the digital access may be the bonus; for others it may be the print edition that is nice, but the digital access that is most valuable. The trend is toward less printing and more online; PC Magazine may simply be leading the curve.

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