Thursday, October 16, 2008

Panasonic Takes Tru2way HDTVs To Retail

Tired of your cable box forcing you to not be able to use your TV set's features. Wish the TV set could do all that it was built to do. Well the cable companies are listening and they have agreed on a platform to allow interactivity to be built right into the TV. Tru2way has been the solution and now the first sets are hitting the retail market. Unfortunately, in a bad economy, the rollout may have just slowed down.

"Panasonic's first tru2way-enabled Viera plasma HDTVs will be offered in 42- and 50-inch sizes. The sets include a tru2way cable receiver -- eliminating the need for a separate set-top box -- that should theoretically work in any cable system that supports the technology." These sets are being sold in two markets, Chicago and Denver; hopefully, it will become nationwide soon.

While fist generation products tend to need tweaking, its nice to see that Panasonic, Sony and Samsung are putting tru2way into their HD sets. If you don't like the cable box, your prayers have been answered.

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