Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Media's Dirty Little Word...Revenue

Internet users have become jaded; we like getting our content free of charge. Perhaps it comes from being a free TV generation, expecting ads in exchange for shows. Cable television developed the notion of subscription and found that they could push this "membership fee" while continuing to take in advertising revenue too. And so it is not unusual to hear that websites are also looking at subscription to enhance their revenue model. But when usage has been free, what to do. The answer, create a premium account that incorporates added features "-- asking customers to pay for things. Namely: Pro accounts, plus accounts, premium features, enterprise editions, and white label versions." Examples being cited in this article are sites like, Meetup, vimeo, and others.

Will this please the Venture Capitalists who have been financing these business - absolutely. Content is is god.

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