Thursday, October 2, 2008

How Many Boxes Can Fit On The End Of Your TV?

Dateline - The year is just a couple years in the future. Quick, check your connections; how many "boxes" are connected to your TV? In the past it was the cable box, a DVD player and perhaps still a VCR. And some TVs were just connected directly to the cable or even an antennae. But let's assume it is post 2/17/09 and most every TV is connected to either a cable box or digital converter box. In addition, their may be a Wii or PS3 or Xbox or all three. Their is still a DVR or even a Blu Ray, unless your happy with your "game" box playing your HD DVDs. And perhaps you have a Roku, Vudu, a Tivo, or some other box to connect to your internet downloads. And worse still, all those different remotes are lined up on your coffee table. Now which one turns the TV on and how do I switch from one device to another. It can make your head spin. The good news, Tivo is becoming available on your Direct TV and Comcast box, Roku attaches to the web and some of the new game consoles play your DVDs. Now if we can only simplify it even more.

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