Thursday, September 25, 2008

Senate to Hear Update on Switch to Digital TV

What is that you say, the switch of analog to digital is not going smoothly. So far, the test in Wilmington has finally caused some to see get concerned. In fact, word is that the Oscar telecast may want to move its award show to March from late February days after the conversion date. "The country will make the transition on Feb. 17, when TV stations will no longer broadcast analog signals. Older TVs will not be able to use the new digital signal, and a person who does not buy a new digital-ready TV or a converter box will not receive TV programs."

This conversion may be the final straw that makes television no longer "free" as consumers may feel "encouraged" to seek out a cable, satellite, or telco provider, rather than convert their set to receive over the air, digital signals. Will this conversion happen as scheduled or will it get delayed. And when it occurs, what will the true impact be and what repercussions will it have. Either way, it is sure to be a bumpy ride.

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