Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Comcast Systems to Get Tivo

I have both a Tivo connected directly to cable which receives unscrambled signals for my bedroom and a DVR/settop box for my family room. I have a unique opportunity to watch both recording devices perform and frankly the Tivo is the clear winner. Why? For those that have never worked with a Tivo, your DVR is a capable, a "C" student. Tivo, however, is at the head of the class. Its remote is better, its controls easier, its search capability more preferred, and its trick features much better. It understands the viewing experience and even makes suggestions to watch at a later date. Yes, I love my Tivo!

"Comcast, after expanding the availability of its TiVo service in its New England market with limited trials to customers in Connecticut, plans to “light up” a full marketing campaign around TiVo in September and is preparing rollouts in additional markets before the end of the year." I cross my fingers for it to come to my house. Now if they can make it easier to capture the programs I have already recorded on my old DVR and transfer the ones I still want to keep to this new device, then sign me up today.

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