Friday, May 25, 2007

NY:MIEG Panel: Silicon Alley 2.0

Bill Sobel has created a terrific media information and networking group called NY:MIEG, that each month provides panels that delve deep into the understanding of learning in this new media environment. Less than 1 year old, this group has grown rapidly and I have had the pleasure of experiencing three of those monthly meetings. Each panel is filled with an esteem body of knowledge offering their own insights into this brave new world.

Earlier this week, the panel assembled explored New York's "Silicon Alley" and the relationship between large and small companies. Panelists included Sean Morgan, CEO Critical Mention, Scott Meyer, CEO,, Cliff Sobel, President/CEO The Phoenix Group, Mark Zimmerman, Managing Partner Z Team Media Advisors, and Fred Seiber, Founder NextNewNetworks. And the moderator was Nina Ziv, Academic Director Polytechnic University.

A fast paced hour, the discussion than moved to breakout sessions. In previous panels, open Q & A would follow. Bill continues to test winning formulas, but regardless, he bats 1000% in getting top notch leaders in the industry to speak to his group. And attendance fills the room.

My key takeaways from the panel:
1. In Large vs Small, large tends to win in the long run in that the big fish tend to eat the small fish. Larger companies have the capital to make the financial mistakes and buy out smaller companies to gain their expertise.
2. Big fish try to behave like small fish but have a difficult time maneuvering and being flexible to change. Small fish lack the muscle, hoping the dollars don't run out first. Small firms are nimble, large firms have more resources.
3. Regardless of size, companies should challenge their employees to make an impact and they should pay off when those achievements are met.
4. To win in the digital landscape: build early adopters, know who the incumbants are and stay nimble to keep the lead, remember that sometimes competitors can become partners, build direct relationships, and have fun.

Sean Morgan offered an interesting prediction near the end...he forsees the newspapers becoming the largest video creators. It certainly seems a necessary extension of their core business. It will be intersting to look back in a few years to see the results!

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