Tuesday, May 8, 2007

ABC, Cox Bar Ad Skipping in Video on Demand

Dear TV Viewer,

Just wondering...if you missed your favorite TV show or you forgot to DVR it, would you rather watch it with the fast forward feature disabled, forcing you to watch the commercials, or would you pay a fee to watch the show without any breaks? I pick none of the above. As long as the cable companies don't disable my DVR FF features, I'll be more vigilant with my recordings. Except for a sporting event, I rarely watch any show live; instead, we skip through the commercials and get right to the show. It's the best way to watch our favorite TV shows! American Idol figured it out - they create a Ford commercial with the contestants - the best kind of product placement. My question regarding the commercials apply to the local broadcaster in each market. Will the VOD broadcast show include the local broadcaster's commercial as well?

I have a great idea for the broadcaster, especially when they show movies on their network, offer for a fee the uncut version of the movie, without commercials. While you own the window to those titles, show us the movie the way the director intended. I might just pay $.99 to watch that.

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